Y Family : Irvine Family Session

Y Family : Irvine Family Session

It was a habit I picked up in New York. I would obsessively check weather.com to see how to properly prepare for the day, even needing an hourly update. But when I moved back to Southern California over four years ago, I quickly realized that my most frequently visited site wasn’t quite so useful to me in Los Angeles. Every morning before work I would check the weather and every morning it was the same (clear skies and sunny, in case you’re wondering). So I stopped checking.

Over the Christmas holiday though, my obsession started to come back. We ended up with an unusual amount of rain, and instead of just affecting my wardrobe, it was affecting my clients. Luckily, when I met up with the Y family, we managed to outrun the storm just long enough to feed some ducks, play on a bridge, and finally, play in the rain.

I met Elei during my years in New York through mutual friends, and I was so happy for her when I heard she and Jimmy had a little boy. While they were out in Orange County visiting family for the holiday, we managed to find some time for me to meet their little one and snap some family photos.

Meet Brandon.





These ducks could get pretty aggressive, but this kid showed no fear!





The happy family!




And I’ll end with this photo, since I think it’s so sweet.

Elei & Jimmy – It was so good to catch up and get some time to finally get these family photos! As always, it’s a privilege for me capture these moments, so a big thank you for having me out.

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