Y Family : Orange County Family Session

Y Family : Orange County Family Session

It never ceases to amaze me to see just how much the kids I photograph have grown between sessions. The last time I saw the Y family, Alice was just months old. Today, she’s now over two years old and has welcomed an adorable baby brother.

While waiting for her new brother to get ready for his closeup, I got to spend some time catching up with Alice. What a sweet, sweet girl!

Jason had the fantastic idea of getting out the bubbles for Alice to play with. Remember how I said she was sweet? Well, while he went to get more bubble water for the gun, she followed him while saying, “Thank you, Daddy.” I really don’t think the terrible twos will exist for this little girl.

And, now, introducing Theo.

The loving family.

I took a photo of Alice’s feet the last time around, and I must say that after two years, they still look the same…just larger!

And I’ll finish this with a beautiful photo of Alice and her momma. This woman really does not look like she gave birth two weeks prior.

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