Winter is…over.

Winter is…over.

It’s that time again. April 30th. Happens every year. This year, as it did last year, it means the official end to our winter season and time to bid farewell to Breckenridge. Adieu, Breckenridge! Oh, but that just reminds me of one of many American faux pas I’ve committed, in the eyes of my French relatives.

French cousin: We don’t say “adieu.” That’s bizarre. It implies that you’ll never see that person again in your life.
Me: Really??? But they say it in Sound of Music!
French cousin: No. *shakes head* It’s a bit rude.
Me: But…Sound of Music

So I suppose, and hope, that this isn’t adieu for us and Breckenridge. Because we do hope that we come back in future seasons, although none will be quite as extended as what we’ve managed to do in the past year. And in honor of the past few months, here are a few of my favorite photos from this season.

Tomorrow we head off for Colorado Springs and Pike National Forest, starting a two-week road trip back to LA. Will we stay in LA, you ask? Ummm, not completely sure yet. Yes, we still don’t know where we’ll be living in a month. But let it be known that we will be forced to make a hard and fast decision…soon.

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