W Family : Los Angeles Family Session

W Family : Los Angeles Family Session

The last time I saw this family, Spencer was still a baby at one and half years old. My how things have changed. Not only has he grown into a kid, he’s acquired a little brother as well. Between these two, I think I got a workout that lasted me all week! Thankfully they quickly paused for me to fire this off. Reintroducing Spencer and new little one, Ashton.

And here’s the little guy on the move.

With his ever-gorgeous momma.

One of my favorite photos from our session.

It turns out that Elizabeth and I are from the same, small Massachusetts town (although I do claim to be from…Orange County). So finding these trees and colors was like bringing just a small bit of the northeast out west. Of course, the stunning family that happens to be in the photo does spruce it up a bit.

And, of course, who can forget about Peanut?! She was so patient while we were working with the rest of the family, waiting for her moment. Thank you, Peanut!

Elizabeth & Eric – It was such a pleasure to spend some time with you and boys! As always, thank you for having me out to document the little ones and help create these memories.

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