I have spent the last seven months bidding a slow and painful farewell to New York City. When I first moved to New York, I had no idea how much I would become attached to life here. Now, the reality of permanently moving to Los Angeles has started to seep in, since my husband will finally be joining me out west in a few short weeks.

I am lucky enough to get to spend the next week here in New York. And after these many months, coming back to New York still feels like coming home. Everything about the city evokes a strange sense of comfort – even the dank smell of the street in the early morning and the sirens blaring down 7th Ave.

This past Sunday, we spent the afternoon wandering around Central Park and visiting the spot where Edwin proposed to me over three years ago. I wanted to do some experimenting with aperture and lighting, so Edwin, and to a lesser extent, my friend Gerald, gamely submitted to my direction.

I generally prefer to shoot with prime lenses, usually my 50mm, 1.8 (I am drooling over the 50mm, 1.2…someday!) but sadly that lens was back in LA. Instead, I brought out the 17-55mm, 2.8, which is a great general purpose lens, and my lens of choice if I could only take one when I travel. I wanted to do more with shooting wide open, but had to make do with getting down to 2.8. Next time I will be better prepared!

Here are some random shots from the day. Central Park – I will miss you!


It caught Gerald by surprise that I wanted to take photos of him all afternoon, so he pretty much gave me the stink eye the whole time. I think that look just adds character. Next time I guess I should warn him ahead of time.






And because this was the spot where Edwin proposed, I made Gerald take a really cheesy photo of us. Don’t we look awesome in our winter clothing?!

Cockpit Photos!

Cockpit Photos!

A couple of days ago, I blogged about my sister’s band, Cockpit, and their first video.  Here are a few of my favorite photos from the day.  I can’t wait to see how it turns out on video!

Rockin Out

The music was loud and blowing, I was wearing earplugs, and a sour smell would occasionally waft my way if I stood in the wrong spot. Yep, I was definitely in a Hollywood club. More specifically, I was at the Dragonfly, even though it was a Sunday afternoon. It was the first day of Cockpit‘s first video shoot.

I grew up watching my sister obsess over Headbangers Ball, crush on Duff McKagan, and drool over leather jackets. It had always been her dream to be in a rock band, and for the past several years, she’s been playing as part of a hot all-female band called Cockpit.

Last year, a talented friend of mine, Agnes Chu of Anagogy Films, asked me if my sister’s band would be interested in filming a music video. Hell’s yeah! I thought. It was an easy decision for them, and after many months of conversations, they started filming this past weekend. I made a great groupie, hanging around the set all day, and they generously let me shoot stills to document the day.

Low-light settings, like clubs and bars, are always tough for me, and I don’t have the nicest of photographic equipment. As a result, I end up shooting wide open and worrying that my photos will come out blurred from any small movement or grainy from pumping up my ISO. My husband laughs at me whenever I complain that I need better glass or a new body (although my Rebel XT has been so good to me), but after seeing an article that effectively said to stop lusting for new equipment and make do with what you have, I’ve turned over a new leaf. I’d just have to be more creative in making whatever available light I had work harder for me. And, maybe not so surprisingly, making do really did help me learn more about my equipment and myself.

Photos are coming soon…