Happy Tacky Holiday

Happy Tacky Holiday

This holiday season, Edwin and I were invited to our first tacky holiday party! With nothing tacky to wear – us have tacky clothes? wha? – we went on the hunt for some outfits. Edwin managed to score this tie and worked it with a sweater I stole from my dad…hey, it’s vintage! What you can’t see in this photo is the awesome sequined snowman on my sweater, courtesy of a friend.

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Photo Interview

Photo Interview

Last month I had the privilege of attending a friend’s wedding in the south of France, which gave me and Edwin a great excuse to take a vacation.  I’m still working through all the photos, but for now I’m posting just a few photos I took during the trip.

These feet don’t belong to the bride & groom, but two friends who got engaged soon after this photo was taken.


Owners of said feet.  Turns out Eleanor and Andrew were secretly “interviewing” me for their future engagement shoot during our friend’s wedding.  Really.  As I was shooting random photos, they informed me that this was my test to see if I would be bestowed the honor of shooting their engagement / wedding.  Gee, thanks guys. For putting me on the spot. Think I got the gig?





Congratulations on the engagement Eleanor & Andrew!  Can’t wait to celebrate with you guys in person.

Blog Face Lift

Blog Face Lift

It’s finally Friday.  I haven’t been one to really live for my weekends, but I’m finding that lately, I’m doing this much more often.  To start celebrating the weekend, I’m happy to announce that my blog has gotten a face lift!  I’ve still tried to keep it really basic, but hopefully you’ll enjoy the new look.  A ginormous thank you to my husband for helping me with this…well, that is, for doing all the real work!

And before I run off to start my weekend, here’s a photo I recently came across that I took last year during our cross country road trip.


Happy weekend everyone!

On Top of Old Smokey

On Top of Old Smokey

I heard it before I saw it. It was the day we were to drive through the Great Smokies, and I woke to the familiar sound of rain. And it wasn’t just a drizzle, it was a downpour. What was to be a day of hiking and enjoying the great outdoors was quickly turning into a day of just…driving.

Then, miraculously, as we drove into the park, the rain began to clear. Even though it was still cloudy, we were graced with the occasional ray of sunshine. The downpour made the trails a little too muddy for hiking, but the clouds made it a great day to take photos of running water. My sadness about the rain quickly turned into excitement. Excitement because I was going to have the chance to experiment with my tripod.

I just have a cheap, really light tripod that I bought many years ago when I knew even less about photography than I do now. Even though I’ve had the tripod for a while, I’ve rarely had the opportunity to use it. And now, empowered with my tripod, I became so obsessed with photographing water that we spent nearly our whole day taking photos…of the same stream! Every time I thought we could move on, I had to see what would happen if I held the shutter open just a little longer, or if I bumped up my f-stop just a little more. I was so engrossed that we almost didn’t make it to Memphis in time to grub on some Corky’s. I know! But notice I said almost. Of course I got my Corky’s!

I really do wish we had had more time to enjoy the Great Smokies. But the lure of BBQ pork ribs was just too great.

Some of my favorites from the day:

This is what I thought our whole day was going to be like. And that’s what I felt like. A boiled peanut.


But…ta-da! No more rain!




I’m sure we spent well over an hour here. It was so gorgeous that I just did not want to leave. And I was having too much fun with my tripod.






Orange I Obsessed

Orange I Obsessed

“I don’t know if I’ve ever seen you this happy,” said Edwin, as I maniacally continued to juice some oranges. I was getting way too excited about the freshly squeezed goodness I was about to enjoy.

My friend Wenny just moved into a little bungalow with her fiance, and along with the new house came some old orange trees. The oranges from these trees, I dare say, are the best I’ve ever had. The first time I bit into one, I was shocked by how juicy and sweet they were. And now, I’m addicted to them. I feel like I’m constantly asking Wenny to bring me more oranges. Last night I finally got to see these magic orange trees in person, and Wenny let me pick as many as I wanted. I was in heaven!

This morning I woke up and looked at the clock. It was just after 7. Why I continue to wake up early on days I can finally sleep in, I don’t understand. I was just about to fall back asleep, when something popped into my head…oranges. I felt myself get excited. But no, I wanted to enjoy sleeping in. I drifted out, then woke up again – closer to 8:30. Again, I thought about those sweet oranges awaiting me in the kitchen, just calling me to come juice them. No! I told myself. An hour later, I gave in and jumped out of bed.

I quickly washed all the oranges I picked last night. Should I juice them all? Or should I leave a few to eat? It was the hardest decision I’ve faced all week. Whoever said “you can’t have your cake and eat it too” never had any of Wenny’s oranges.

I finally opted for juicing, and managed to get almost a whole pitcher of juice out of these golden babies! Just check them out…



The final product. Liquid gold, I tell you.


I have seriously come a long way from New York City.

Happy Saturday!