Road Trip Day 1: Maryland Welcomes You!

Road Trip Day 1: Maryland Welcomes You!

This past Sunday, Edwin and I started our cross-country road trip by visiting some family in the D.C. area. It was a drive that we were familiar with, and an easy way to begin our two weeks on the road.

By pure luck, we happened to arrive in D.C. while the cherry blossoms were in bloom. Even though we arrived rather late in the afternoon, we managed to make it to the Jefferson Memorial in time to catch the “golden hour”. The weather was warm and the paths were crowded, but we managed to enjoy ourselves and make some good use of the light.

While waiting to get a clear shot of the Jefferson Memorial, I overheard some other photographers sharing tips. One of them said that you could gauge when the sun was about to set by holding out your hand, turning your palm sideways facing in, and seeing how many fingers fit between the sun and the horizon. Each finger represents about 15 minutes. I’m not sure if I agree with his tip, especially since I have skinny fingers, but it seemed to work for him. I’ve tried it since, and I think I’ll just go by the time on my watch instead.

The last time Edwin actually saw the sights in D.C. he was in junior high. So after we got our fill of the cherry blossoms, we did a quick tour of the nation’s most famous landmarks. In the aftermath of the past election year, D.C. has definitely given me a new sense of wonder.

Photos from the day:

The Maryland state sign. I’m starting to get pretty good at taking photos of signs through the car window. I plan to be obnoxious and take a photo of every state sign that we see.

Cherry blossoms!




And finally, Edwin contemplating the our nation’s capitol