S Family : Playa del Rey Family Session

S Family : Playa del Rey Family Session

With my taking a year and half off to travel, I just missed capturing this little guy’s newborn and baby photos, so I was very excited to finally meet Hailey’s little boy. And I quickly discovered that meeting him as a toddler ain’t such a bad deal.

Introducing Connor. He is such a trooper – he had only been back stateside for a few days after a trip to Asia and was still suffering from some jetlag. So I’m sure the last thing he wanted was to get home from daycare and have a bunch of people surrounding him and asking him to pose for the camera. But, hey, balloons make everything better, right?

Even though I could tell all he wanted to do was nap, Connor was still full of plenty of smiles for my camera. Such a sweetie!

I was in love when Hailey told me that Connor’s whole outfit is from Taiwan. The bears on his jean pockets were just too cute.

Luckily, we managed to get this photo session in before grandma and grandpa had to leave town. So I’ll end this post with a happy family photo.

Hailey & Patrick – Thank you so much for having me out to get little Connor on film! Looking forward to the next time.

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