Slowing it Down

Slowing it Down

You know what’s nice? Having my own laptop! Yes, I’m sadly glued to technology and when we’re not actually traveling, my husband and I are each looking at some sort of glowing screen.

When we started this year of travel, one of my goals was to pack light. As a result, we only took one laptop on the road with us, thinking that we would be able to share. Well, we weren’t. Whenever there was a moment of downtime, we would both need to be on the computer, and seeing that the laptop was really Edwin’s, he won. Once we got back to LA, I promptly bought my own laptop.

So now I’ve been spending the bulk of my time going through a backlog of photos. Yeah, I’m sure we all know how that feels. I’ve managed to get through our road trip through southern Utah, but that was back in May. Hey, at least it was May of this year. I’ve still got photos from trips we took years ago that I still haven’t sifted through. But give me photography work and I’ll bust that out within a week or two. Strange how we can so easily prioritize work over our personal needs.

Here’s a photo I came across as I’ve been working through this backlog. I took it on the drive back to LA from Utah. I love it because it reminds me how laid back so much of this country is. How slow the pace of life can be. And that’s what this year has become about for me – slowing down, taking a look around, and learning.


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