Road Trip Day 4: Meet Pedro

Road Trip Day 4: Meet Pedro

Daaa…Daaaa..Da-nuh! Like a behemoth, it appeared on the horizon. Slowly, slowly, and then bam! There it was in all its glory. After miles upon miles of taunting billboards, we had finally arrived.


We were at South of the Border.

Before our roadtrip, I had never heard of South of the Border, but a friend mentioned it before we left. And now I was there to witness it in person. Right across the South Carolina border is an abomination called South of the Border. We started seeing billboards for it soon after leaving Durham – billboards that cracked politically incorrect jokes about a guy named Pedro, who you could find at South of the Border. I don’t even get why this place exists, but it does and I had to go there.

I tried my best to get shots of the entertaining signs driving at 80 mph.

Only one more mile…

And we finally arrived!

The amount of junk you can buy at this place is amazing

Edwin got this shot of me with my new friend, Pedro

And just in case we missed it, there was just one more billboard to send us off

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