Road Trip Day 3: UNC 89, Michigan State 72

Road Trip Day 3: UNC 89, Michigan State 72

If we felt lucky to catch the cherry blossoms in D.C., we were even luckier to witness UNC win the NCAA championships game at a local bar/restaurant in Durham.

The morning after, we were curious to see what was going on over at the UNC campus, and decided to go take a look. We weren’t quite sure where to go, so we just started wandering around the campus and came across this, which turned out to be the Chancellor’s parking spot:


Never before had I seen so many people wearing their school colors. Granted, it was the day after they won the national championships, but this type of school spirit was unprecented for me to witness. Nearly everyone we passed was wearing Carolina blue. And when we happened upon the student store, it was flooded with people buying championship gear. I had never seen a student store so busy.

After our haphazard tour of UNC, we went back to Durham to check out the Sarah P. Duke gardens. The weather wasn’t quite agreeing with us, but the gardens were still beautiful with the tulips in full bloom. And for dinner, I had my first experience with hush puppies! Somewhere between the fried balls of dough and sweet tea, I fell in love with the south, but I don’t think my jeans will like me much as a result.

Photos from the day:

Lunch at Foster’s. Yummy soups, sandwiches, and mac and cheese…

UNC Chapel Hill

Craziness at the student store

Even the firetrucks are Carolina blue

At the Sarah P. Duke Gardens



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