Road Trip Day 2: Stonewall Jackson Shrine

Road Trip Day 2: Stonewall Jackson Shrine

When I’m a passenger in a car, I tend to be like the father-in-law from Forget Paris and read road signs out loud. Most of the time I keep it to myself, but since it’s just been Edwin and me in the car, I’ve let my sign-reading demon loose and have started announcing everything to Edwin. Entering X county, leaving Y county. 15 miles to the border. I read all of them to him like I know what’s going on in the world that’s passing by.

On Monday, we drove into Virginia and I felt like our cross-country adventure was truly starting. As we made our way to the North Carolina border, I announced to Edwin, “Stonewall Jackson Shrine”. To my surprise, he asked me if I wanted to go. Really? Is this what people do on road trips? So after some hesitation on my part, I thought why not and we pulled off the road to head into the unknown.

It turns out the Stonewall Jackson Shrine is the location where Stonewall Jackson died. A stone marker indicates the date of his death, but his actual gravesite is in Lexington. At the shrine, we saw the bed that Stonewall actually died in, including some of the original bedding. Also preserved in that room is the same clock that he listened to as he died, which is still tick-tocking to this day.

The shrine was our random event of the day. If we didn’t see anything else that day, I would have been content. But to top it all off, along the road to the shrine there were several farms. Real farms! I felt like such a strange tourist, but I couldn’t stop taking photos of the farms and of a man on his tractor.

Random photos from the day:

As promised, more state signs

At the Stonewall Jackson Shrine


The bed where Stonewall died




  1. Pavitra

    did you know i lived in virginia for SEVEN years? three in charlottesville for school and then almost four in northern VA just outside DC. seeing that road sign (which i’m sure you read out) make me a little nostalgic.

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