Preeti & Siva : Maternity

Preeti & Siva : Maternity

They told me that even though they knew each other for a while and were friends, they delayed dating because they knew that would be it for them and they wanted to be ready. And I think it’s because of that, that Preeti and Siva seem like they’ve been married for 30 years. They don’t feel the need to show their affection overtly, but it’s clearly apparent in the little gestures you may catch between them, and especially through the way they entertain each other. Usually that entails Siva doing something ridiculous (the man has no shame, I tell you), and Preeti laughing.

Preeti has a glow about her that can only come from pregnancy. At just shy of 30 weeks, she has an adorable baby bump that Siva can’t seem to keep his hands off of. When Siva asked me over a month ago if I’d be kind enough to take preggy photos of Preeti, I was happy to oblige. Nothing better than sharing in the celebration of a new life beginning!

Edwin and I had a ton of fun shooting preggy Preeti – Siva wasn’t only entertaining to her – and we can’t wait to meet the little one when he arrives this summer! We are truly honored to be the ones to take these first photos of him…before he’s even left the womb! I hope that one day, when he sees these photos, he will be moved to see how happy his parents were to be starting their family.














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