Pavi + Alex : San Francisco Maternity Session

Pavi + Alex : San Francisco Maternity Session

I am so happy to share these photos of some dear friends of ours, who are expecting their first little one in February. Regardless of how non-maternal Pavi feels, I know that both she and Alex will make wonderful parents. The reason why? They always manage to not take themselves too seriously and make each other laugh. Like this.

You would never guess that just minutes before this photo was taken, they were bickering about running late, wearing the wrong shoes, and parking. Because, in the end, they just end up laughing at each other.

Before this photo session, Pavi specifically said, “I don’t want any of those cheesy shots where Alex is hugging me from behind or something. That’s so lame!” But I think this photo has made a convert out of Pavi. How could anyone not like this?

The gorgeous momma-to-be.

One of my very favorite images from the session.

And we’ll finish with this very San Francisco image.

Congratulations again, Pavi + Alex! Cannot wait to meet your little guy.

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