Meet Ronik : Boston Family Session

Meet Ronik : Boston Family Session

While I know it’s the year of the snake, I think it really is the year of the baby. During the fall of last year, there were no children in my close circle of friends, but at the same time later this year, there will be more than five, including my own little one! Since we’re spread out all around the country, Edwin and I decided that we better get out there and visit our friends who have already had their babies before I can no longer get airborne.

Our first stop? Boston. My “hometown.” Boston’s always had a special place in my heart, but probably because I only lived there until I was five, when I could see leaves and snow and still think of fun times instead of chores. The memories of jumping in piles of leaves that my dad spent all morning raking can still make me wax nostalgic. And now, from an adult’s point of view, I can see how that might have been frustrating for him. Sorry, Dad!

Our dear friends have been living in Boston now for much too long, and we’re trying to get them to move out to Los Angeles! But in the meantime, we had to go out and get some photos of the new little guy, who it turns out is a champion sleeper. We tried to get him when he’s the most awake, right after bath time, but sure enough, he started passing out right in the middle of taking family portraits.

Meet Ronik.





The gorgeous family. I don’t know how Anita does it, but this is just less than four weeks after delivering. I can only hope I can look this good!

And…then right to sleep.


I think Ronik has many more likes than just 2!




A big thank you to Sujit, Anita, and especially Anita’s mom for hosting and feeding us all weekend! You guys are super parents and we can’t wait to spend more time with Ronik once you move out west. :)

To see more of Ronik and his family, check out the slideshow below:

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