Meet Edison : Orange County Family Session

Meet Edison : Orange County Family Session

At about four months old, this little guy is one of the happiest babies I’ve met. And what’s there not to be happy about? He’s got plenty to eat, a full head of hair, and when he laughs, the cutest dimples (he gets it from his mama) appear.

Edison and his momma, Elsa, have been visiting from Seattle for the past month, spending time with family in Orange County. Just before they had to head back up to the Evergreen State, they asked if I could come take a few photos of Edison. Of course! Who wouldn’t want to take photos of this cutie.

In the middle of our photo session, Edison’s older cousin came home from school…and havoc ensued. Trying to get together a rambunctious six-year-old, her three-year-old younger brother who imitates everything she does, and a chilled out baby results in this.

Maybe it was good timing, since Edison was in need of a break anyways. Which gave me some time to spend with his cousins, who love the camera and prefer screaming at it.

Here they are fighting over a stick they use to imitate their father yelling at them to brush their teeth. Awesome.

And just a couple of more shots of Edison to finish this post.

Elsa – thanks so much for having me down to take some photos of your little one! Sorry I missed Jason, next time we’ll have to get a full family photo.

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