Making the Best of Las Vegas

Making the Best of Las Vegas

Yes, I’m currently in Las Vegas. It’s not my favorite place, but I’m here for the WPPI conference. Which I want to talk about, but first, I really want to talk about my meal at a local Japanese restaurant called Raku. I know, there are many photography-related things for me to get excited about while I’m here, but I had such a satisfying meal that I kind of feel compelled to talk about it. It’s embarrassing, but I was one of those people taking photos of each dish that came out – you might find me on that blog Pictures of Asians Taking Pictures of Food. At least I was just using my iPhone (of course I have done this with my 5D and 24-70 lens and mortified everyone I was eating with).


Everything was delicious – you’re looking at homemade tofu, kanpachi sashimi, enoki wrapped in bacon, kanpachi kama, ground chicken skewers, kobe beef filet with wasabi, steamed foie gras egg custard, and fried chicken. I really wish we saved room for dessert. Highly recommended!

But I digress. It was our first full day at WPPI and I got up early to see Jamie Schultz talk about how she transformed her portrait business, and I’m really happy I did. She was such a sincere, genuine speaker, and I really appreciate that she came to share her story with us. Today was also the first day of the expo, where I was focusing mostly on album and printing options – and there are so many good ones it’s going to be hard to decide which vendor to go with! But I can’t wait to get some of these products in and share them with my clients.

Tomorrow’s another full day, and we’re even planning on going to the WPPI party tomorrow night – so far we have been old fogies and been going to bed early – so I’m looking forward to checking out some newborn props (I never thought I’d say that) and finishing up on the album companies I haven’t hit up yet.

To be honest, I wasn’t convinced I should come to the conference this year. I didn’t feel prepared for it, I didn’t know any other photographers attending (but got to drag my husband along for company), and I was worried that it would be too wedding-based for me now that I have a little one due to arrive this summer and I’ve had to forego wedding shooting this season. But I’m really thankful for my last minute decision to just bite the bullet and head out here, be motivated by all this energy and surrounded by new ideas, and have the opportunity to talk to vendors and other photographers. I’m starting to really get this I heart WPPI thing!


Yes, that’s right, that’s Scott Kelby in one of those photos above. Was so happy I got to see him speak!

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