Lisa & Tony : Wedding

Lisa & Tony : Wedding

She was beaming with pride. It was like she couldn’t help but smile and enjoy the celebration that was about to commence. And why not? She, joined by so many loved ones, was about to watch her granddaughter get married.

About a month after their destination wedding in Cabo, Lisa and Tony were gracious enough to host a reception locally in San Diego for friends and family who weren’t able to make the trek down south. Among these guests was Lisa’s grandmother, who was overjoyed to see live footage from the ceremony in Cabo. Lisa and Tony’s videographer did such an amazing job with the wedding video that I felt like I was actually in Cabo all over again.

Of course, before the party really started and the guests were still trickling in, we managed to sneak in some time to take more photos of the happy couple and capture a few family portraits – ones that could now include Grandma!

Some of my favorites from the evening:

Lisa and Tony getting back into the groove of taking wedding photos.



Look at Lisa, workin’ that bench!




Here’s Grandma. See? There’s the beaming I was talking about.



And some funky dancing to end the night.

Amy Dancing-1


I’ll just finish with this photo, because it’s such a serene image of the summer of Lisa and Tony love! Really, it’s been an honor to be a part of all the celebrations, starting with capturing small moments during their engagement shoot in Santa Monica, to getting married in Cabo, and finally walking into the sunset in San Diego. Lisa and Tony, I feel like I can truly say that you two have not only got, but are living your happily ever after.


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