Lisa & Tony : Engagement

Lisa & Tony : Engagement

“I call it fish candy,” Lisa told me, her eyes gleaming in anticipation of what we were about to experience. Lisa and Tony were treating us to a home-cooked meal after a chilly evening of shooting in Santa Monica. Tony is an avid chef (Lisa says she’s just his helper), whose love for cooking was rejuvenated after some late night Food Network watching a few years back. Tonight, he was preparing one of his specialties: black cod marinated – for three days! – in miso and some other yummy stuff, broiled, and then baked. Fish candy indeed. And it wasn’t just fish candy, it was the dish that won Lisa’s heart.

Lisa and Tony met through mutual friends and their story is a sweet one of false starts that finally culminated into a first date of…fish candy. They share a love of food and wine that is amazing to witness, talking to each other in what seemed like another language about pairing what wine with what food, and then even stopping to ask our opinion. (My answer? I will drink whatever you put in front of my face! And I think Edwin would agree.)

Although Lisa and Tony’s love for good eating plays a big role in their life, it’s eclipsed by their genuine love for each other. I’m not sure how else to describe it, but their love just feels very bright and happy. I think it stems from the fact that they have an uncanny amount of things in common, and they just fully understand one another, which was clearly apparent during their engagement shoot. Like through the way Lisa would rub Tony’s newly shaven head. Or how Tony brought a jacket for Lisa even though she already grabbed a pashmina – because he knew that she would need more than that later (and she did!).

Needless to say, it was a blast to spend an evening with Lisa and Tony. Good photos, good food, good wine, great friends…lots of laughter. What more could one ask for?

Lisa and Tony – congratulations again! Edwin and I had a wonderful time (shooting and eating!) and we can’t wait to see you two get married in just a couple of weeks!










Lisa’s hands got a little chilly and she decided to warm them up on Tony…






And of course, a photo of the fish candy that stole Lisa’s heart

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