K Family : Manhattan Beach Maternity Session

K Family : Manhattan Beach Maternity Session

It was a bit of an afterthought. No, not having a baby! That would be crazy talk. No, having maternity photos taken was the afterthought. With ten days left until their due date, Jennifer and Steve decided to document the home stretch before their new little one makes his debut.

I can’t say that I’ve met a pregnant women who’s been happy about her weight gain, and of course no one wants to have photos taken when feeling less than their best. But, just my two cents, if you are at all contemplating taking maternity photos, just have them done so there are no regrets later. Yes, you may feel as big as a house and completely unwieldy, or as Jennifer so eloquently called herself, a “tub-o-lub.” But pregnant women make incredibly beautiful subjects.

Case in point.

This woman is the exact opposite of what I would say is a “tub-o-lub.” You know, I don’t even know what a tub-o-lub is.

I could not resist getting in a few photos of soon-to-be older brother, Rylan. He has such a gentle nature and will make the sweetest older brother.

I hope everyone has a chance to feel as happy as these two look.

Jennifer & Steve – I hope everything has gone well over the last few days and am excited to meet your new roommate! And Steve, thank you for encouraging Jennifer to make these beautiful photos as she headed for the final stretch.

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