K Family: South Pasadena Family Session

K Family: South Pasadena Family Session

I always feel so lucky when I get to see one of my families more than once a year. It’s always unbelievable to me how quickly their kids grow, and how distinct their personalities become. And no two personalities are more fun than those of the Katzenstein twins.

I had the pleasure of seeing the girls again just shy of their first birthday. They might not be quite up on their feet yet, but these quick crawlers made us work for our family photos.

Here’s Ella, being as dainty as always.

And here’s Maddie, or as I like to think of her, the future instigator.

This was too funny not to share – baby racing! And the prize…is Todd’s Blackberry. Someday they’ll learn to not want one of those.

I think Maddie’s trying to tell me how she really feels about my camera.

“I love taking family photos!” said Ella Pea to Maddie Bean.

The gorgeous family.

Wenny & Todd – As always, thank you for letting me into your crazy lives for one brief afternoon. It’s always a joy to see you and rediscover how funny the girls are.

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