J Family: Pasadena Family Session

J Family: Pasadena Family Session

It’s amazing how quickly kids change in six short months. I’ve had the priviledge of shooting Oliver since he was six months old, and while there’s still some baby in him, the little boy he’s turning into is becoming readily apparent. How do I know? Because there’s nothing that little boys like to do more than to run. Away from you. Dana and Albert, I don’t know how you guys do this every day. It’s like training for a marathon and makes me curse every fried piece of deliciousness I’ve consumed in the past week.

Last month, Oliver had a little fall and fractured two of his teeth, one of them being an upper front tooth. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get some photos of him before his teeth were extracted, but that hasn’t affected his gorgeous smile one bit.

I think I’ve found my new favorite place to shoot in Pasadena.

Sitting in what he dubbed “his shed.”

The gorgeous family.

Dana and Albert – I’m looking forward to seeing how much more Oliver has grown at the three-year mark. Until then!

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