Introducing : Endpin Photo

Introducing : Endpin Photo

I’m excited to announce the launch of my new website (including the blog) under the new branding of Endpin Photo!

A big thank you to Kyle Wai Lin for his slick work on the new logo.  If you guys are looking for a graphic designer, check him out.  Not only is he good at what he does, but he’s just a genuinely nice guy.

And of course, thank you to my husband, who has put countless hours into customizing this site to make it look just the way I asked.

So some of you are probably wondering, why Endpin Photo?  Well, an endpin is the end piece you see on cellos and double basses.  It’s the piece of metal that extends from the bottom of the instrument that adjusts its height and balances it on the ground.  Ask any cellist and they’ll tell you how picky they are about adjusting the length of the endpin or what they use to prevent it from slipping on the ground.  Sometimes it can be a whole ordeal.

Yes, I grew up playing the cello.  It was a huge part of my identity up into college.  While I’m sad to say that it’s been much too long since the last time I played, it is something that I often think about.  It taught me discipline, determination, frustration, joy and accomplishment.  It showed me how to be an individual, as well as how to be part of a larger group working to create something beautiful.  I expect, and hope, that Endpin Photo brings me many of the same things (although I could do without the frustration!) and, above all, becomes a new way to create.  A way to create memories, relationships and emotion.

So please peruse the website and portfolios.  I hope you enjoy and find something interesting.  And if you do, here’s hoping that we can create something together.

* Brooklyn Industries.  Brooklyn, NY.

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