I *heart* NY

I *heart* NY

It’s Valentine’s Day. And I’ve been spying. My husband and I decided to spend the day observing how New Yorkers spend the most romantic day of the year. Along 8th Street, I couldn’t help but laugh at tacky Valentine’s Day balloons. The bodegas were overflowing with roses, and in Union Square, two men were involved in a very intense conversation. One seemed to be confused and, from my non-professional eavesdropping skills, it sounded like he was in need of some good (love?) advice. Which probably explains why he was talking to this man…

My husband and I like to keep things low-key on Valentine’s Day, and spending the afternoon spying was a perfect activity. We made our way through the village, up past Strand, where we spent some time perusing random photography books, and finally through the Green Market at Union Square. I couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon. And for me, it really did bring new meaning to those tacky “I *heart* NY” tshirts. Today, New York City was our Valentine.

Some photos from the day:


And just for fun, a photo of my personal Valentine.


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