Helen & Keith : Wedding

Helen & Keith : Wedding

“Isn’t Helen and Keith’s wedding over Memorial Day weekend?” I asked Edwin. Memorial Day was now just under two months away, and we hadn’t yet received an invitation.

“Maybe we’re not invited,” Edwin shrugged. No wedding to attend over Memorial Day weekend? Not only would we be able to take a mini-trip to celebrate our anniversary, we could take some extra time and celebrate Edwin’s 30th birthday as well! I started planning the weekend in my head.

And then it happened. Helen and Keith’s wedding invitation arrived – we were invited after all! Along with the invitation was their website information, and on it, I found this when I clicked on the link to Keith’s groomsmen:


I laughed out loud when I read this. This, I think, explains why the invitation came rather close to the wedding date. Since Edwin is a friend of Keith’s, we were on the slow side of the wedding, and well, as the note says, Keith lags. ;)

Helen and Keith’s wedding was one of the most breathtaking I’ve been to. The views, the location, the food, the drinks – everything was more than I expected. I think I was having such a good time enjoying the food and company that half the time, I forgot to pick up my camera! Plus, among Keith’s friends are quite a few photography buffs, so I may have felt a little intimidated and inadequate. Yeah, I know, something I need to work on.

But I did manage to get a few shots in…




I love how all the Chinese women are hiding under the fans.

Helen Laughing





And this is clearly not the best photo I’ve ever taken, but something about the glow of the light and the blurred shadows makes me feel something for it.


The best part of the wedding was that Edwin and I experienced our first photobooth! We weren’t being particularly creative, but here’s what we did:

Danielle & Edwin Photobooth-1

Someone asked the guy manning the machine how many people they’ve ever managed to get into the booth. He answered nine. The boys then proceeded to cram TEN people into the booth, with the groom right smack in the middle. Overachievers.

Photobooth Jam-1

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for taking these Danielle. They are amazing! And sorry about the late invites… or rather Keith is sorry. =P xoxo, Helen

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