Goodbye, Old Friends

Goodbye, Old Friends

This weekend, we finally started going through old photo equipment in our effort to declutter. In late 2010, I upgraded to the Canon 5D MII and since then, have hardly looked at my old Canon 30D body and EFS lenses. On to bigger and better, right?

Well, it turns out I do have a sympathetic bone in my body. Yesterday, Edwin listed a bunch of old gear on Amazon, and the first thing that sold used to be my most trusted friend, my EFS 17-55mm lens. Within an hour. This is the lens that I really learned on and took with me everywhere. It didn’t really hit me that it would be gone forever until this morning, when he started packing it up. “Wait! Let me take a photo!”

Not long thereafter, another old lens sold. I wasn’t so attached to this one, and really hardly used it. But it was one of the first lenses Edwin purchased for me when I still had my old film Rebel. And thinking about this lens a little longer, I realized the only time I truly used it was the day Edwin proposed to me in Central Park.

As happy as I am to declutter and get some much needed funds for new equipment, I was sad to let these lenses go. Goodbye, old friends. I hope you find happy new homes!

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