Introducing the New Endpin Packaging

Introducing the New Endpin Packaging

I’ll admit it, I still have a ton of stuff stashed away at my parents’ house. Boxes of stuffed animals, old mixed tapes, my favorite movies on VHS – even a stray fanny pack or two. I have tried to clean out some of these things, but it’s so hard to part with, or find somewhere else to store these memories from my childhood. But during one of these purges, I did find a bucket full of stamps. Rubber stamps. As in the kind you use with ink pads.

Until I came across this bucket, I had all but forgotten about my obsession with stamps. Of course, since I had no money as a kid, all I was able to collect was one hot pink ink pad and a random assortment of stamps. There was something that looked like Bugs Bunny, but was clearly a rip off, some Little Twin Stars stamps, and the crown jewel of my collection – music notes on a wheel stamp so I could make an endless line of notes (I think I might have stole this from my sister).

Today, it seems like my inner stampiness has been reawakened. Early last fall, I came across some disc packaging from Stumptown Printers and lusted after these for my clients. After thinking about this for much too long, I finally pulled the trigger, ordered the cases from Stumptown, and made a customized rubber stamp of my logo. While I love my new packaging, the most satisfying part of putting this together is stamping the cover of the case. Now I just want to make a custom stamp for everything – pick up dry cleaning…stamp! Put away laundry…stamp! Go to the gym…stamp!

Some images of the new packaging. I’ll likely modify this over time, but right now, I’m really happy with the results!

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