Bridal Shower: Lisa

Bridal Shower: Lisa

I wanted to bring a box of fruit and my mom scolded me.

“Have you ever been to a bridal shower before?” she asked me.
“Actually, no,” I admitted.
“I think you should get something off the registry. No one brings a box of fruit to a bridal shower.”

In my frantic state, the Asian in me took over. I had been out of town for about a month and had less than a week to find a gift for Lisa’s bridal shower, and I defaulted to the standard box of fruit. I even had my mom telling me it wasn’t appropriate. Oops.

In the end, I didn’t make a bridal shower faux pas and brought something nice off the registry. And I’m also happy to say that Lisa’s bridal shower was the first American bridal shower I’ve attended.

I met Lisa almost a year ago when she hired me for my current job and I knew we’d be great friends when we discovered our mutual love for…Battlestar Galactica! (Yes, yes, I know it’s a total nerd alert, but it’s a great show! So say we all!)

Lisa is an incredibly warm and generous person, and I was privileged to meet her family and friends from all different parts of her life. I’m excited to finally meet her other half at their engagement shoot at the end of the month!

Some fun photos from the day:



Kim organized the shower and graciously hosted it at her beautiful home in Orange County. She and Lisa grew up across the street from each other and go way back. Kim did an amazing job with the details of the day.


Kim’s younger daughter. Such an adorable ham…

Having way too much fun…



I love this shot of Lisa’s mother. She is so full of energy, and her expression here just shows how happy she is for her daughter in such a quiet way

See the resemblance? It’s all in the eyes!

To see more photos from Lisa’s bridal shower, just click here.

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