August SoCal Photog Shootout

August SoCal Photog Shootout

It was a hot weekend. My quads were sore. And come to think of it, so was my left shoulder. For a minute, I couldn’t remember what I could have possibly done to make myself feel so out of shape, and then I remembered. The prior evening, I had spent three hours at my first SoCal Photog Shootout, and with all the crouching, getting low, and standing upright again, I had made my legs sore. Carrying around my camera equipment was apparently too much for my shoulder. Was I that pathetically out of shape???

I wasn’t sure what to expect at my first shootout, but I had a great time shooting, meeting new people, and observing other photographers. We met up in Irvine Regional Park, and if you can imagine a group of 50 photographers swarming around a handful of models, well, that’s exactly what it was. I felt like a paparazzo! This is how we looked:


Yes, it was a little crowded at times, sharing angles and jostling for position, but I was just there to learn something new about lighting. So I had a great time snapping some random photos and talking with Doug McNamee from Tilt N Shift (that’s him up there holding the reflector) about how to think about different light and when to use fill light outdoors. Based on Doug’s suggestions, I even tried out using my flash outdoors while there’s still daylight (which I’ve never done) but it was tough since the light we were getting was already so great. And it was also the first time I got to shoot anything using reflectors, which I now know that I love. I’ve decided that I must get one of my own, although it will be a workout (for Edwin!) to hold it up properly.

A big thank you to Hanssie Trainor and Matthew Saville for organizing such a great event! Also, huge props go to the All Made Up Team for doing such a fabulous job with the hair and makeup, and also to Triple Scoop Music for their generous donations!

Some of my favorite shots of the day:

Kaylie was the first model I worked with during the day. She’s actually a dancer and is down for trying anything, so some of the poses she got in for us were amazing! And, of course, she is just stunning, which makes it hard to take a bad photo of her.







In my second session of the shootout, I went along with Rachel Amara and David Liggett to try out some couples shots. Seriously, these two look like they came right out of a clothing catalog. I even heard multiple people asking them if they were a real couple because they just looked so comfortable together.





And then I finished out the day with Kaylie and David. I wish I had eyes like these…



And of course, a big thank you to all the models at the shootout – they were fantastic! It wasn’t an easy day to look calm, collected, and sexy!

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