Anita & Sujit : Wedding

Anita & Sujit : Wedding

The day I met Anita, I worried I had made a horrible impression. Edwin and I had headed up to Boston to visit our good friend Sujit, and by 10pm, we were exhausted. Anita came over to Sujit’s apartment to meet us and hopefully head out for some fun, but instead found us immobile on the couch and half asleep. She was a great sport and sat with us for a bit, chatting and trying to keep us engaged, but she was probably wondering how Sujit could have such boring friends.

We’ve had the chance to hang out with Anita a few times since, and hopefully our first impression didn’t last! I have to say, Anita and Sujit really are perfect for each other. She gets his sense of humor, she calms down his stressful tendencies (we often refer to him as the squirrel in Ice Age), and she can school him on the dance floor! I couldn’t have been happier for the both of them. It was amazing to get to celebrate their wedding all weekend with close friends and good food (I just have to mention Rudy’s one more time. Yeah!).

Anita and Suj – I hope you guys had a wonderful time in Napa and are adjusting well to married life!

Some favorites from the weekend:

Yes, Sujit arrived on a horse. It was awesome.





My first glimpse of the bride.


I didn’t get to see that much of this since I’m short, but the bride and groom were fighting to see who can get the flower wreath over the other first. They had three chances. Guess who won each time?

Flower Fighting




There’s a part in the ceremony where the groom is supposed to take the bride’s toe and guide her along seven steps. He actually has to physically grab her toe, and move her foot seven times. Suj was a little surprised when the priest told him he had to do this, and blurted out, in a high squeaky voice, “Really???”

Walking Feet






So this is Anita schooling Sujit on the dance floor. I took two photos too quickly, and on the second shot, my flash didn’t fire. And I’m really glad it didn’t because I’m much happier with the second shot than the first.




And I just have to throw in some photos of my friends having fun…




And the day after. Another Rudy’s mention, just because it was the only time I’ve ever enjoyed brisket.


A happily married man! Despite what his shirt says…


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