Meet Danielle Meet Danielle

More about me?  Okay then.  I’m the person behind Endpin Photo.

My name is Danielle. When I was young, I used to pretend my name was Samantha. Mostly because I loved Who’s the Boss, but also because I thought it was so cool that Samantha shortens into a boys name. I was slow to realize that my name does the same.

My husband surprised me with my first digital SLR in 2006 (throwing me off the scent of his pending proposal…tricky tricky!) and it’s been difficult for me to put my camera down since.

About Page Photo-001Photo by Daniel Stark

About Page Photo Couple-001Photo by Daniel Stark

Here I am with Edwin, my partner in crime. No, I never call him Ed, but some of his friends do.

Edwin and I met while we were in college up at UC Berkeley (Go Bears!). After graduating, we made the move out to New York. What we thought would just be a couple of years out east turned into six, during which time we got married and I earned my MBA from Columbia University.

We made the move back to LA for my work and to be close to family. But just a few years after moving back to LA, wanderlust set in.

In February of 2011, my husband and I put our things into storage, I quit my full-time job in Los Angeles, and we embarked on a year-long adventure. We started our travels by spending an epic winter season in Breckenridge, CO, followed by time in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, San Francisco, Boston, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and New Zealand. After spending one more winter in Breckenridge, we decided to head back to California and put down some roots of our own.

Traveling the world has given me an even greater appreciation for being able to tell stories with my camera. There truly is beauty everywhere. Whether I’m shooting people, cities, or landscapes, I always walk away with a new sense of awe. If my photos can evoke this feeling in even one other person, I feel like I’ve accomplished my goal.

About Page Photo Travel-001

About Page Photo Baby-001

If would like to get in front of my camera, please drop me a line. I’m located in Los Angeles, but am often in San Francisco and New York, and it’s not unusual for me to spend a weekend working in one of these cities. Or if you just want to say hello and make a new friend, feel free to email me!

In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about our travels, please visit our homeless adventure blog.

What's an endpin?

Where did the name Endpin Photo come from? Well, an endpin is the end piece you see on cellos and double basses. It’s the piece of metal that extends from the bottom of the instrument that adjusts its height and balances it on the ground. Ask any cellist and they’ll tell you how picky they are about adjusting the length of the endpin or what they use to prevent it from slipping on the ground. Sometimes it can be a whole ordeal.

Yes, I grew up playing the cello. It was a huge part of my identity up into college. While I’m sad to say that it’s been much too long since the last time I played, it is something that I often think about. It taught me discipline, determination, frustration, joy and accomplishment. It showed me how to be an individual, as well as how to be part of a larger group working to create something beautiful. I expect, and hope, that Endpin Photo brings me many of the same things (although I could do without the frustration!) and, above all, becomes a new way to create. A way to create memories, relationships and emotion.

That’s how Endpin Photo was born. And here’s to hoping that we can create something together.

Fun Facts About Danielle

When I was a child, my mom used to tell me and my sister that if we kept our windows down while on the freeway, our car would fly away.  That used to scare me, but if someone told me that today I’d be all for leaving the windows open.

I suffer from an extreme case of buyer’s remorse.  I once bought a shirt, returned it, and then bought it again.

I love snowboarding.  I often forget how much I like it until I’m up on the mountain again, surfing through fresh powder.

I am scared of freestanding bathtubs.  Especially the kind that has claw feet.

I love nature, but hate bugs.

My husband likes to take credit for my funny-ness, but I know I was funny before I met him.  Riiiiight???